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Post  imortal2 on Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:54 am

hey jannie its me ryan.
u know ur gay ass ban was the stupidest thing ever
first of all u have a major problem with ur server
hardly no1 is on and DC EVERY LIKE 2 SECONDS
i know its not just me cuz i have friends on there (yes i recruited) and they quit
cuz i was banned AND the gay lag...
plus u banned me cuz i was telling Sil3nthermit to be quiet ..i mean what the hell was that
are u like 5? honestly its just people like u and stuff that really piss me off..oh and ur virus in
everyones local host or whatever u said shit..yeah BULLSHIT id like for u to go ahead and activate that
stuff..just try it Ur server wont make it..also U HAVE LIKE 50 MILLION GMS..and only 35$??!?!
its like running a country with 100 presidents..ive never played on a trashier server
goodluck..i cant wait to see this come to an end


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